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What is a SWOT analysis and why is it important?

SWOT is a very common acronym in Business Parlance or business language.   Back in the day when I was studying business, I got the impression that SWOT analysis was meant just for big businesses like General Mills, Apple, Samsung… but I have realised now with the...

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8 Common Gst Mistakes …and how to correct and avoid them.

(1) Failing to Register for Gst   Not registering for GST when you have reached the threshold. The revenue for GST registration is $75000. For not for profits it is $150000. It is important to pay attention to how this $75000 is reached. The ATO has criteria for...

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Ultimate Guide To Good Record Keeping

In this article, we will look at why record keeping is one of the key responsibilities of a small business owner and what happens when there is no systematic or coordinated record keeping. Common Myth I should only keep documents after I start making money True/False...

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