Single Touch Payroll (STP)

Single Touch Payroll is a  regulation that requires a business to report their pay information with each pay run.

business ownerWhat do I need to do as a business owner?

  • Employees’ gross pay,  tax, and supa  must be reported to the ATO  with each pay run  or (pay event)
  • Consequently, to meet these reporting requirements  you will need to use an STP enabled  compliant software

Q. Does this affect my business?

A. Yes, if you have  employees

What if I have a Bas Agent or Tax Agent?

Your BAS or Tax Agent  will need  a statutory declaration designating them as your STP representative

Will STP change our workflow?

The way you pay your employees will not change however you will need to ensure that you are reporting with an STP enabled software.

An STP finalization will be done at the end of the year as a result, the annual payment summary will no longer be required to be lodged with the ATO. Employees will also no longer receive a payment summary.


Who is affected and when is the single touch payroll deadline?

  • Businesses with more than 20 employees: STP started from 1 July 2018 
  • Businesses with less than 19 or less employeesSTP has now been extended to cover all employers from 1 July 2019

need more timeNeed more time?

  • The ATO has guidelines to help businesses with special cases for instance where additional time or an exemption is required.

Are you employing 1-4 employees?

Reporting options for your business with 1-4 employees are available subject to eligibility: This means that instead of reporting with each pay run you may qualify for quarterly reporting. To find out more visit the ATO 

Non-arm’s length employees (Closely held payees)

  • You are exempt from reporting through STP for your closely held payees for the 2019-20 financial year.
  • However, from 1 July 2020, you will need to report through STP.

For more information about exemptions and deferral applications please visit the ATO website or contact your Tax professional

Your options for switching to single touch payroll

Missed the STP Deadline?

The good news is that there are options still available for instance you can submit an application for more time or to vary your STP  reporting frequency subject to eligibility. If you have an STP enabled software you can start reporting with your next payrun.

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