Tracking your business miles will save you a whole lot of money and time. It’s relatively common for companies to monitor their mileage for any work-related travels, such as attending conferences, meeting up with clients, or going from one appointment to another, either by driving or using ride-sharing services.

These miles are deductible from your tax return, so you can save a lot of money by keeping track of them and filing your claim. Gone are the days when you log these business miles on paper as there are various mileage apps today, which you can use to provide you with the most accurate data. Check out the best ones below.


When you subscribe to this app, it includes a subscription to Microsoft 365, but you can also use it independently. It offers a free basic plan with access to desktop and mobile services that you can personalize. You can automatically track your mileage and classify between personal and business and it monitors up to 40 travels per month.

There is an option to go unlimited so that the number of travels per month will not be restricted to 40. You pay $5.99/month for this preference. The only thing that needs improvement is that expenses and income are not monitored in this app, and it doesn’t integrate well with accounting software.


This app was created for ride-sharing services, and it has features that will help you check your profit by the hour and recommendations on routes that will provide you with the most advantage. Though they do not have a free plan, you can try the app for two weeks with no charge, with all the features so that you can get a good feel.

You pay $5.99/month and option to save $12 if you pay for the entire year, and you can enjoy all the features that include profit charts, unlimited mileage monitoring, communication among drivers, passenger locator, 24/7 support, and configuration of work schedule.

Mileage Apps

Best Mileage Apps UFirst Bookkeepers

QuickBooks Online

If you’re a QuickBooks user, this app will work seamlessly for you as a mileage tracker since it automatically integrates with your other QuickBooks systems. Some features include comprehensive and shareable reports, trip categories, billed mileage monitoring, expense tracking, GPS tracking, among others.

QuickBooks does not offer a free plan, though, and it is more expensive than other apps, but it has superior offerings compared to others.


TripLog is so far the best app for mileage tracking that monitors everything related to your business travels, including meals, parking, tolls, gas, apart from your mileage. It has a desktop and mobile app that are user-friendly and open to both Android and iOS platforms.

The app may be tried out for 30 days without charge and continue free usage if only one person utilizes it.  The features include updates, up to five tracked vehicles, fuel consumption monitoring, expense checker, mileage tracker, and unlimited trips.

If you wish to take advantage of the professional plan, you can look at $4/month with additional features to upload receipts on the cloud, driving routes recommendations, tax reports, syncing across devices, web dashboards, and tracking of an auto-drive.

There are succeeding options for pricier plans that offer even more excellent opportunities and some TripLog devices that you can also take advantage of if your business requires it.

Mileage apps will make tax time so much easier by capturing all your business deductions. If you need any additional information about mileage apps please do not hesitate to contact me.

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