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BAS Services

I am a Registered BAS Agent meaning that  I am qualified and authorised to  process and lodge your Business Activity Statement (BAS)  as well as manage  and process  payroll and superannuation for your employees.




The GST that you have charged your customers and  the gst that you have paid to your suppliers is reported through the BAS.

PAYG Withholding Tax Payable

The  PAYG withholding tax is the tax that you withhold from your employees. This is reported and paid throught the BAS.

PAYG Intalment Tax

The PAYG Instalment tax is tax paid towards the potential tax debt you may have at the end of the year.

If you are a sole trader you would  submit an Instalment Activity Statement.


Superannuation is the money or contribution that you as an employer make towards your employees’ retirement.

Taxable Payments Annual Report

Certain industries are required to report on the gross payments and tax they may have withheld on payment made to contractors.


Payroll is the money that you pay your employees for services rendered by them to your business. 


BAS AgentOnly a registered person should be providing the above services for your business.

You may visit the Tax Practitioners Board Website for more information. There are significant fees civil penalties for anyone providing BAS services for a fee or reward or advertising BAS services while unregistered.

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