Although you can move into the cloud at any time it will be advisable to move at the end of an accounting period once the accounts have been balanced

Market research for software

Make sure that you have familiarised yourself with the accounting software before using it. I would recommend speaking to your accountant or bookkeeper to assess how suitable the software is to your line of business.

Price Bundles Consultation

Most cloud software will have different price bundles. It would be good if you could start with the appropriate one. For instance, certain features such as multi currency features, sales tracking by location or class, payroll and inventory may only be available in the plus or premium versions. It is important to discuss this with your accountant or bookkeeper.

Accounts Reconciliations

Reconcile your accounts including your bank, credit cards and balance sheet accounts so that you do not carry any issues over to the new accounting software. You should also attend to any bad debts, non-reconciled items or items in the suspense or similar account. Keep in mind the quality of the information you put into your system determines your results: GARBAGE IN = GARBAGE OUT. A final Trial balance will be the source of your opening balances. Also make sure to give the Bookkeeper or Accountant your list of Debtors and Supplier Ageing details. That way these can be properly recorded in their appropriate periods.

Wi-fi Connection

Considering the Cloud is internet based,  Wi-fi and any connection issues should be addressed before migrating to cloud accounting.


How many employees will be using the software. Determine if you meet the user thresholds or if you would have to pay for additional access levels.

If you have a lot of staff you may wish to determine their access levels before migrating although this can be done by the Master or Administrator at any time later.


Find an Expert Advisor

UFirst Bookkeepers is both Xero Certified and Quickbooks Proadvisor Online. If you require any information on how to set up or need to reconcile accounts before migration or have questions please call us at 0468783087

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